Ring Power Lift Trucks


Financing or leasing a forklift in Florida?

Ring Power offers aggressive forklift long-term rental programs and flexible lease/purchase plans that can be structured for both short and long terms. Should purchasing better suit your needs, Ring Power's relationships with Wells Fargo, Cat® Financial Services Corporation and other major finance/leasing companies throughout the United States can help facilitate the process. We also offer below-market interest rates on our entire new forklifts for sale and used forklift lines with terms to meet your financial objectives. Ring Power Lift Trucks provides international financing options for foreign companies and United States working overseas.

Ring Power Lift Trucks will work with you to insure that your financed forklift is structured in a way that best suits your current financial needs. Our sales representatives use a variety of computer programs to aid in forklift performance evaluations and financial analysis of your material handling purchasing decisions.

Benefits of financing your forklift:

  • 100% financing for qualified customers.
  • Payments tailored to meet your cash flow needs.
  • For tax purposes, in most cases you claim the benefits of ownership, including depreciation and interest expense deductions.
  • Flexible purchase options available.