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Pallet jacks and electric walkies are an economical way to move pallets and material without purchasing a forklift.

Electric Pallet Jacks handle a variety of products and is found in many indoor material handling applications where travel distances are short (less than 200 feet), work spaces are congested, and floor loading and unloading is common. Electric Pallet Movers make it simple to handle the load in the tightest of areas, such as inside a trailer.

Ring Power Lift Trucks also offers a full range of Manual Pallet Jacks that are especially handy for miscellaneous material handling requests. These Manual Pallet Jacks have a capacity of up to 5,500 lbs and are often used to move loads over short distances (less than 100 feet). The hydraulic trucks are equipped with a reinforced, ergonomic handle, making it an easy task to move heavy loads.

We also Rent Pallet Jacks

These electric and manual pallet jacks are for sale at Ring Power Lift Trucks' Florida offices:

Linde pallet jacks and electric walkie

Linde Electric & Manual Pallet Jacks

Built tough for an abusive world using high-tech simplicity, and designed for exceptional performance and operator comfort.

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Jungheinrich Electric Walkies & Manual Pallet Jacks

The world's leading choice for your dock and transport operations, these walkies are suitable for loading and unloading trailers and offer excellent maneuverability within tight work areas. With capacities from 4,500 to 8,000 lbs., Jungheinrich walkies are your warehouse workhorses.

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Mitsubishi® Electric Walkies & Manual Pallet Jacks

2,200 - 8,000 lbs. Capacity @ 24" LC
Electric 24v.
2 Year, 4,000 Hour Limited Warranty

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Big Joe Electric Walkies & Walkie Riders

Big Joe is a leader in electric walk-behind forklift trucks, walkie stackers, hand pallet trucks, and straddle carry trucks.

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